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Moms Only Science Day

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During the past several years we've held "Homeschool Mom Science Retreats" that were a wonderful time of relaxation, fellowship, and learning over a period of a few days.We have two of them remaining in Nashville and Dallas - both are full.

In 2015, we're still offering all the fun, learning, relaxation, fellowship, freebies, recharging and relaxation, but in a one day format that makes them easier to attend for most busy homeschool moms.

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We have homeschool moms from around the country spending time together, sharing ideas, and learning about teaching Christ-centered science to their children and /or homeschool co-op groups.

We love our "Moms Only Science Day" because it's a time when moms (the heart of homeschooling) get to spend time together; relaxing, learning, and being encouraged.


A relaxing time of fellowship with other moms and instruction from homeschool dad and former college science professor, Greg Landry, on teaching Christ-centered science in grades 4 through 12. We'll do a variety of labs, talk about teaching, supplies, etc. You'll certainly learn in our teaching sessions but you'll also benefit from the wisdom and experience of other homeschool moms in time spent hanging out and relaxing with them. You'll love the labs and will have new labs and inspiration to take home to your children and/or homeschool co-op classes.

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Greetings Moms,

My wife and I homeschooled our daughters all the way through (except for 1st grade for our oldest - I'll tell you a story about that). One is now in college and the other just graduated from college. I've taught thousands of homeschooled students, and I've taught and counseled hundreds of science and pre-med major college students (along with directing a university gross anatomy / cadaver lab). Those experiences give me a unique perspective on what we're doing right and what we can improve as Christian homeschooling parents.

In addition to completing lots of fun and unique hands-on science labs, we'll talk about:

*How and when to start preparing your child(ren) who may be science majors
*College selection - does it matter?
*The truth about SAT and ACT and other standardized testing
*What you should start doing in fourth grade (or as soon after that as you can)
*College scholarships - what really matters
*How to teach science to younger students and ultimately help them in high school and college
*The number one thing we need to work on as homeschooling parents
*The mistakes that most homeschooling families make with science-leaning high school students
*What your children will face in college and how to prepare them for that experience
*Science and medical professions; the educational requirements, compensation, types of work, employment outlook, pros and cons, etc. We'll also spend time on your questions.

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And, last but not least, I'll tell you cool stories and "real-life" lessons from a university gross anatomy (cadaver) lab. For example:
*Some of my students were dissecting a cadaver and noticed something shiny near the spinal cord. What do you think it was? 

*What do you think we found in the nasal cavity of a 70 year-old male cadaver that had probably been there for almost 70 years? :)
*What characteristic have I seen in some pre-med students that almost assures their success at getting into medical school?
*How I introduce students to the cadaver lab.
*What makes a student stand-out to their professors and admission committees (and it's Biblical)?
*Why I believe that God created us and everything around us, as stated in the Bible, and why it's critically important for our children to understand and think critically about that.

You'll also get to meet some of our teachers and staff. But, beyond all this, you'll be fellowshipping with, and learning from, other homeschooling moms in a relaxing, refreshing environment.

We look forward to seeing you there.

In His Grip,

Greg Landry, M.S.
Homeschool Dad
Former College Professor
Founder & Director, Landry Academy


Bring a Friend (or Friends) - Surprise Them - What a Great Gift!

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9:00 am until 4:00 pm - bring a brown bag lunch.
We'll provide all the chocolate you'd like to eat. :)

Check out our rates and promotions page for current discount pricing!

You'll Get...

Lots of science, lots of stories, lots of chocolate, door prizes, lab manual, insider information, freebies to take home, t-shirt, great fellowship with other homeschooling moms.. and relaxation!


Registration available on a first-come, first-served basis.



Check out our rates and promotions page for current discount pricing!

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"... I have to tell you that this retreat was such a blessing to me and my family, in several ways, but primarily because I dreaded teaching science. But I left the retreat yesterday with a whole new perspective on this. I'm so excited to get started with my children. I spent most of my two hour drive home yesterday thinking about everything I want to do. I loved your stories from the trenches and soaking up your years of experience.

Thank you!"





"I absolutely loved the Mom's Science Retreat last year! The accommodations and setting were fantastic! The fellowship was such a blessing too. I learned so much from you and my fellow home educators. I came away from the experience feeling refreshed, re-energized and fully equipped to teach Science to my boys, all the way through high school. The whole experience was such a blessing that I hesitate to register this year because I would be taking up a spot someone who has not done this yet could have. However, if there's room for me I'll be there again! Twelve hour drive and all!"

"I loved the retreat last fall! I came to the retreat with a fellow homeschooler in my local that I barely knew. We not only learned about how to improve science co-ops we were involved in but we also learned a whole lot about each other. The scenery was beautiful, the classes well worth it, and the fellowship was excellent."


"I attended last year and would love to attend another.  For me, getting away and talking with other homeschool moms was just what I needed."

Terri B.