Landry Academy

For Parents

Homeschooling families from all over the world who want to connect to other families in a variety of ways! 

Check out our 6 Easy Steps for Getting Started with your online class; this page also has an orientation video that will walk you through the basics. 

Our families can connect online through our classes, either adding to their already established curriculum with one or two classes, or taking advantage of an entire course load. 

Families are excited to join our community groups for encouragement, learning, and support. 

Students can meet face to face through our 2-Day Intensives all over the continental US or travel together on short term missions trips or summer camps

We work hard to build family community through other means as well- whether it be family weekends, online webinars, or our student-run newspaper.  

Our families are thrilled with our flexibility, resources, and enrichment we offer in the Landry Academy Community.

We'd love to have you join us! 

If you have questions please contact us

If you'd like to take a look at our complete offerings, please browse our course catalog.

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