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Thursday December 3rd at 9:00 pm "Three Skills for Successful Speaking" with Jamie Anderson and Kim High

Join Landry Academy's speech teacher, Jamie Anderson, and Administrative Assistant, Kim High, for a sneak peak of what will be offered at this summer's speech camp. They will be talking about 3 skills that can help your student become a more successful public speaker. They will also be introducing two special guests in this webinar that will be at camp this summer. You won't want to miss it!

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Recent Recordings

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Under Pressure? Pressure canning meat - just in time for hunting season with Angie Baer

Research methods and Writing a Research Paper: How to be ahead of the game when you head off to college with Erin Sipe and Angela Little

High Tech Help for Low Tech Parents (The Gospel and Social Media) with Dr. Chris Smith

Hippies, Coaches, and Drill Sergeants...They Relate?! with Leslee Dirnberger

Trips Q&A with Jen Henriksen

Trig Tricks with Mrs. Glandon with Michelle Glandon

Top 10 Mistakes in an Online Classroom with Marji McIlvaine

"Celebrate Creation with Joseph Haydn" with Leslie Kent
*Special BONUS Handout and resource FREE with this webinar

Archived Recordings (In Alphabetical Order)

5 Reasons to Take Advanced Science Classes with Diane Allen

5 Geologic Evidences of a Global Flood with Stacy Lung

6 Myths of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture with Ralph Dally

7 Things you need to know about Vet School with Sonya Brouillette

10 Great Speeches with Jamie Anderson

10 Tech Tips for Learning Online! with Lita Bledsoe

10 Top Read-aloud Books for All Ages with Ellen Scoggins

A Dozen (12) Books your High-Schooler should Read with Jodi Guerra

Accelerating Vocabulary Growth Exponentially with Marilyn Whitlock

"Are You Using Your Senses?!? Tips for multi-sensory memorization." with Traci Farthing

Aw Mom, Do I have to Write an Essay? with Ellen Scoggins

Aye, Matey! What do William Carey, the "Father of Missions", and Captain Jack Sparrow have in Common? with Marji McIlvaine

Bears Gone Wild: An In-depth Look at 2 Kings 2:23-24 with Jeremy Cummings

Breast Cancer Awareness and Survivor Testimony with Erin Sipe

Changing Imagination: Transforming Your World Through Visual Stories with Tom Khazoyan

Colds, Flus and Superbugs? How to be well and Stay well through the Holidays and Beyond with Pam Holloway

Concussion Basics, What Every Parent Should Know with Steve Ashby

CSS, HTML, Python and Pi? What's going on in the Computer Department at Landry? with Vicki Watson

Do High School Age Students need to Study Grammar? and The Three Most Important Punctuation Errors to Avoid with Marilyn Whitlock

Drama Free Middle School Planning with Karri Iverson

Electronics + Programming = Robotics Today! with Linda McGahern

English Department - What's New? See Course Offerings for 15-16 and Meet our Amazing Instructors! with Erin Sipe, English Department Chair

English IV Overview with Jana Bontrager

Essential and Provocative Questions about the Cold War with John Willoughby

Everyone's a Scientist with Kerrie Childress

Foreign Language Faculty Webinar with Susan Gleason and foreign language teachers

The Formation of the German Language with Susan Gleason

France Mission Trip: Past and Present with Jen Henriksen

Games the Glandon's Play with Michelle Glandon

Grab some Dirt and Grow Something! with Angie Bauer

Happy Birthday to the Great Communicator with Jamie Anderson

Hassle Free High School Planning with Karri Iverson

Help!  My child wants to be an artist! with Tom Khazoyan

The History and Literature of the World-Wide Flood with Ellen Scoggins

How to Avoid Being a College Math Teacher Story with Lora Marks

How to Build a Solid Math Foundation with Lora Marks

How to Gain Extreme Vocabulary by Tapping into a Language that's NOT Dead and Gone with Traci Farthing

How to Prepare a Healing Holiday Feast with Pam Holloway

How in the world do you teach math online? with Lora Marks

The Immeasurable Value of a Special Needs Mom with Jill DuBois

Italian Cultural History with Giuliana O'Connell

Ken Ham Interview with Angela Little

Landry Academy Business Department with Angela Little and Colleen Finley

Latin Spells Success for Struggling Learners with Traci Farthing and Janice Prieskorn

Learn French, Spanish, and German in 30 Minutes? with Marji McIlvaine

Light their Fire! Before you Teach it you have to Sell it! with Julie Horton

"Logic: The Beginning of Wisdom?" with Bethany Barnosky

Love Stories to Warm your Heart with Ellen Scoggins

MIND GAMES:  What Psychology Can Teach Us! with Daniel Smith

On this Date 109 Years Ago: First Flight, the Wright Brothers Story  with Gene Doremus

Peace, Land, and Bread: Why Russia Experienced a Socialist Revolution in 1917 with Susan Eggers

The Power of Point of View in Creative Writing with Jess Woods

PSP: Please Stop Plunking!! with Jodi Guerra

Raising Science Wise Kids with Diane Allen

Removing the Mystery from Factoring Polynomials!  with Michelle Glandon

Removing the Mystery from Factoring Polynomials! Part II with Michelle Glandon

SAT, ACT, or Both - What's best for your High-Schooler? with Angela Little

Shakespeare Alive! How to Plan a Shakespeare Summer Camp with Michelle Glandon

So What is Advanced Biology? with Diane Allen

Steampunk Fabulous! with Rebecca Jackson

Story through the Bible with your Family with Dr. Chris Smith

Techno-Culture - How IT is Changing the Way we do Business with John Willoughby

The Stories of our Lives: Making the Most of Family Memories through the Gift of Storytelling with Erin Sipe

Top 10 Homeschooling Mistakes with Greg Landry

Travel Q & A (Backpacking, Study Abroad, and More!) with Jen Henriksen

What's all the Fuss about MLA Format? A Survival Guide to the Basics of Documentation and Formal Writing with Erin Sipe

What is Gothic Literature - Clarifying Misconceptions and Why It's Important (and Fun!) with Jodi Guerra

What's New in History with Susan Eggers, Department Chair

What is the NLE (National Latin Exam)? with Lisa Parnell

Why is Learning Italian useful? with Giuliana O'Connell

Why Italian? with Giuliana O'Connell

Why Latin? I Thought this Language is Dead?! with Lisa Parnell

Why Should you take a Mythology Course? with Jess Woods

Why Study Art? with Julie Rapelje, Art Dept Chair

Wonders in the Deep - Sharks, Cephalopods and Hydrogen Bonding (Oh my!) with Marji McIlvaine

Holiday Series 2014 "Practical Illuminations"

Fashion Savvy Sweater Upcycles with Fashion Design and Clothing Construction teacher, Rebecca Jackson

Creative Christmas Crafts with painting and drawing teacher, Sanny Mogenson

Celebrate the Advent Season with Handel's Messiah with Meet the Composers teacher, Leslie Kent
*Special BONUS Handout and resource FREE with this webinar Advent 2014

Can I serve take-out for Thanksgiving? with Department Chair and Art History teacher, Julie Rapelje

Holiday Series 2013 "Practical Illuminations"

Holiday Craft Mob!  with the Landry Academy Art Department

Practical Parti-tecture

Five Outrageous Parties with Julie Rapelje

Stress-less Holiday Decorating with Jill DuBois

Design your own Christmas Cards with Rachel Gaarder

Holiday Series 2012

Geek Art...Give it Away or Keep it Yourself  with Julie Rapelje

A Visual History of America's Favorite Christmas TV Specials  with Julie Rapelje

Quick and beautiful Holiday Tables with Julie Rapelje

Christmas 'Eh' to Christmas 'EH-VENT' with Julie Rapelje

Rock Star Artists who Created Sacred Spaces with Julie Rapelje


"Wow! c-sections, lungs, fetal calves, bull testicles, peeing in a cup, eating ice cream for breakfast, brains, hearts, tracheas, blood typing, hematocrit, buffy coats, glucose tolerance tests, lung functions tests, learning the ins and outs of getting through college and into med school, and lots of new friends who love anatomy and physiology! What else could a girl ask for? I have more focus and determination to get into med school now than ever before. I could have stayed for a month."

Camp Attendee