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Greetings Parents and Students,

As a former college professor and homeschool dad, I'm passionate about seeing that "light" in students' eyes when they have experienced how cool science is. God is glorified as we explore His Creation in depth. Our science and vocational intensives are led by a teachers who love the Lord, have expertise in their area, and are passionate about teaching young people. Students will do hands-on labs / vocational skills, many of them well beyond the scope of what most private and public school students ever experience.

With our science intensives, they will also learn to write college-quality lab reports and to think critically as a scientist. They'll work hard, laugh, talk about serious topics, have fun, and finish the two lab intensive with a jam-packed lab manual representing their work. With our vocational intensives they'll learn valuable skills that will enable them to create, and to bless others.

Parents may issue academic credit for these as they deem appropriate. These science lab intensives each cover a school year of labs for that subject. The vocational intensives are roughly the equivalent of a one semester class on that topic. Regardless of which intensive(s) they attend, students will spend two action-packed, knowledge and skill building days in a caring, fun, Christ-centered environment.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

In His Service,

Greg Landry
Homeschool Dad
Former College Professor
Founder and Director, Landry Academy

Please note: While we would love to be able to accommodate parents and siblings at our intensives, for a variety of reasons, including space, student safety, student security, etc. our intensives are only for registered students

For more information about our science intensives, please see specific intensives below.


Physical and Life Science Lab Intensive

Biology, Anatomy & Physiology Lab Intensive

Chemistry Lab Intensive

Advanced Biology Lab Intensive

Physics Lab Intensive

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State Moms

"Jacob has just finished his second class with you and I can't tell you how your classes have totally transformed the way he looks at school and science in particular. This is the guy who I literally could not get to sit down for 30 minutes to read biology. He can't wait for your class every week and has the assignments done before I can even ask him about it. My husband's comment was, 'where did this kid come from?'

Thank you!"